About Edwards Mediation Academy

Edwards Mediation Academy was co-founded in 2014 by Bruce Edwards and his wife, Susan Franson Edwards, with the goal of raising the overall practical experience of people in the mediation industry. It grew from the confluence of two recent societal shifts – the application of mediation as a systematic approach to dispute resolution within our legal system, and the refinement of online learning opportunities in support of traditional classroom education. The Academy’s interactive online courses are taught by recognized experts in the mediation field.

After almost two decades of sharing mediation techniques with eager students in a classroom environment, Bruce realized that the majority of materials could be introduced to students without needing to enter a classroom. Edwards Mediation Academy online courses are designed to give students the real world knowledge and mediation skills they need, while providing the flexibility of learning in their own environment, on their schedule. EMA’s mission is to offer the best of online training from global experts.

Online Mediation Courses

Edwards Mediation Academy’s initial course, Advanced Mediation, is the same course that Bruce has taught all over the United States, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Training is delivered in an online setting where students can work at their own pace, in the privacy of their own office, learning and practicing skills to take their mediation practice to the next level.

Since then, we have introduced additional courses on a variety of topics, including: Mediation Skills, Mediation Skills for the Indian Audience and Developing your Career in Mediation. Mediation Advocacy will be launched shortly. As with our Advanced Mediation course, each of these courses have been developed with the latest in online learning , with expert commentary, and assessment and feedback.

For students who would like to further their education and skills development, we will be offering face-to-face follow-up trainings with Bruce and other instructors in various locations around the United States and overseas. Stayed tuned to our website OR if you have a specific location in mind, please send us an email and make a request. We will be adding follow up trainings for our students throughout the year.

The Story of Our Logo

mediation courses online

The inspiration for the EMA logo came from a bronze sculpture and fountain on a plaza in Tiburon, CA, the small town where we live. The sail-shaped sculpture “Coming About” connotes a sense of fortitude, while its continual movement with the wind highlights the importance of charting new directions. The aesthetic beauty and movement of the sculpture, reflecting both form and function, became an appropriate symbol and metaphor for the mission of EMA.