"The most valuable aspects of the course were the ‘Bruce Moments’ … Bruce’s language was thoroughly an eye-opener.” "

Gitanjali Prabhu

"Bruce brings to the teaching table years of mediation experience primarily in the USA — yet with his depth of knowledge and range of exposure, his insights into mediation generally and internationally, are both instructive and relevant for mediation in India. I am glad I attended his teaching sessions and would readily recommend his stellar work."

Siddharth Raja

"Bruce’s training imparts the essence and spirit of mediation in a pure form. He encapsulates his several decades of experience, seamlessly and profoundly, into the 40 hours of training"

Laila T. Ollapally, Founder & Mediator, Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice

"With his vast experience as a mediator, his insights and reflections on the subject and his wonderful communication skills, Bruce Edwards is truly a master trainer. Sharing a training platform with him was a privilege."

Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and Mediator, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

"In human interactions that are distracted and decisions that are hasty, Bruce taught to me the technique of active listening and a single mantra that is potent, “Decelerate!” In his lessons, you will learn how to seamlessly transfer the positive energy of settlement mood to parties who arrive stressed and leave refreshed."

Justice K. Kannan (Retired), Chairman, Railway Claims Tribunal

"It was like the Mountain coming to Mohammed. Thank you Sir! …The entire program was carefully structured and every single minute was valuable"

Justice Anand Bryareddy, Former Judge, High Court of Karnataka

"Thanks for a most worthwhile day yesterday at the University of Maryland Law School. I have attended many programs over the years on all sorts of topics about mediation and I must say the program yesterday was as engaging and packed with useful information and tips as any I have ever attended. Great job and thanks."

- Thomas L.


"... the great bunch of folks I spent last week with in the mediating the complex case course at Pepperdine. That’s Bruce Edwards on the left and from whom we all learnt so much – Bruce is the real deal in high stakes mediation – as well as being heavily involved in the governance of JAMS, he puts in table-time all over the US, mostly splitting himself between the tables of Las Vegas (that’s mediation tables – Bruce’s family only lets him mediate in Sin City if he leaves with more money than he arrives with) and the highly polished boardroom tables of his hometown San Francisco. Nowhere else that I know of can you get the type of insight into the specialist world of mediating complex cases (and for ‘complex’ read multi 15+ lawyered up parties; with insurance coverage issues; $ in the millions; and a line of experts and lawyers stretching the entire length of The Strip)."

- Geoff Sharp

Mediator, Maryland

"Having been to numerous mediation trainings in the past 7 years, I am not easily impressed; willing to learn, but sufficiently experienced to evaluate new approaches not skeptically but at least in the context of my own experience. As a trainer you stood out in at least two respects: first, the breadth of your knowledge which encompasses not only legal information but also a variety of types and depths of conflicts; second, your willingness to ``watch and listen``---not impose your style or your technique or even your experience on us. You encouraged, challenged, and made suggestions---leaving us free to examine options and incorporate that which worked for us. Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from working with you. Thank you."

- Ann Sundt

Community & School Mediation

"Bruce is a dynamic trainer who is quite skilled at providing a wealth of information in a prescribed time frame. I especially appreciate Bruce's ability to seamlessly weave pertinent examples of his mediation experiences throughout his presentation. Without a doubt - one of the best mediation trainings I have attended!"

- Lisa Hooks

Malaysia & Weinstein JAMS Mediation Fellow 2013

"Bruce Edwards is an excellent trainer in mediation skills and procedures. As a participant of one of his training courses, I gained much from his vast experience and obvious passion for the subject, which he imparts brilliantly. I have shadowed him during mediation and found him to be an adept and skillful mediator as well, who balances empathy with a healthy dose of realism and shows a clear understanding of the essential issues that would bring the parties closer to settling the dispute. I would recommend his mediation training courses wholeheartedly, without reservation."

- Primila Edward, Legal Consultant & Accredited Mediator, Straits Consulting Group,

Center for Advanced Mediation Processes

"Bruce's training is marked by the immense experience he has in the practice of Mediation. He breaks down complex theories into life examples, making them familiar and easy to understand. The learning happens at a deep level. My practice has been enriched immensely by attending two of his training programs. I hope to participate in more of his programs in the future."

- Laila Ollapally

Leading Negotiation Institute Founder and President

"Bruce visited China and shared his wisdom and experience with Chinese lawyers, law professors and University students. He also kindly donated his time to judge the grand final of our annual China University English Negotiation Competition. He is a remarkable educator, mediator and communicator and we are deeply appreciative of his contribution to our work."

- Andrew Wei-Min Lee, Leading Negotiation Institute Founder and President

"I have had the privilege of training with dozens of people and I am convinced that some people are truly gifted in this work… Bruce is one of those people... He is remarkably humble, yet shares a vast amount of knowledge in a way that is approachable and clear, with great examples of how it can apply in real life."

- Nina M.