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EMA Online Courses

Edwards Mediation Academy teaches alternative dispute resolution skills to a global audience, with a particular emphasis on attorneys, judges and business and community leaders. The courses emphasize real world practical knowledge, making use of interactive online teaching methods. They are presented in clearly defined modules and incorporate unique role-play and commentary from a number of the world’s leading mediators.


Edwards Mediation Academy provides an interactive, self-paced learning experience, designed to offer students a substantive and rewarding experience. Courses are specifically developed to utilize best practices in online education.

“I have had the privilege of training with dozens of people and I am convinced that some people are truly gifted in this work… Bruce is one of those people… He is remarkably humble, yet shares a vast amount of knowledge in a way that is approachable and clear, with great examples of how it can apply in real life.” – Nina Meierding, Mediator and Mediation Trainer