EMA Affiliate Program

Edwards Mediation Academy provides online courses to people throughout the world who might not otherwise have access to high-caliber training from highly experienced mediation experts. To help us meet this goal, we offer an Affiliate Program, which combines our online courses with face-to-face training from local mediators, trained by Bruce Edwards. By experiencing both online and in-person training, students receive practical, valuable knowledge, as well as develop relationships with others in the mediation field. Upon completion of the course, student receive an EMA certificate of completion.

Who is the affiliate program for?

Any organization that wishes to develop or augment its own mediation-training program with the expertise and knowledge of Edwards Mediation Academy instructors can seek to become an affiliate. Affiliate organizations can be in the legal field, government, non-profit world, education, medicine or business.

How it works? – case study: Rwanda

Our partner training facilitator in Rwanda has been using EMA’s Mediation Skills course to build mediation capacity in her country. To date, two groups of thirty students from the Rwandan Bar Association and the judiciary have taken the online Mediation Skills Course in their own time and then met as a group to discuss each module. In these face-to-face group meetings, the students and trainer discuss how the lessons apply in the specific legal and cultural environment in Rwanda, practice role-playing, and develop an ongoing support group of like-minded individuals. After completion of the Mediation Skills course, the students have a one day face-to-face with Bruce Edwards and receive certificates of completion. Edwards Mediation Academy provides hands-on support throughout the course duration.

Want to know more?

Please contact susan@edwardsmediationacademy to see how an affiliate program might be beneficial to your organization.