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Developing Your Career in Mediation


The Developing Your Career in Mediation Course teaches the specific and proven steps that will help you develop your career in mediation.

This course is perfect for anyone considering a career in dispute resolution… and people who are looking to enhance their existing dispute resolution career. Including those in the legal, business, and non-profit world… as well as community leaders, ombuds, and human relations managers.

For those who want to:

  • Discover the key lessons that experienced and successful mediators most value
  • Learn more about the mediator’s profile… and whether it fits your personality, style, and life goals
  • Understand how one’s emotional capacity can make or break your career as a mediator… and whether it’s right for you
  • Develop a business plan… including a marketing strategy with actionable steps to get you off and running on your mediation career
  • Learn how to distinguish yourself and your career as a professional mediator among your peers and the public
  • Explore the many career opportunities that await you as a trained professional mediator

How we teach:

  • Through the lens of experience, not from a textbook.
  • Focusing on the underlying traits of successful mediators, not just through a checklist 
  • With the help of real-world experience from experts with successful mediation careers

What you'll learn:

  • The skills and personality characteristics essential to becoming a successful mediator
  • The common challenges you’ll face in developing your career as a mediator
  • The steps to gain personal fulfillment through a successful work/life balance
  • Insights and experience from EMA experts and other mediation professionals at various stages of their careers
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Developing Your Career in Mediation - Instructors

Bruce Edwards
Nina Meierding
Hon. Danny Weinstein
Victor Schachter Curtis

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