Mediation Skills Course

Mediation Skills

Mediation Skills Course

The Mediation Skills course emphasizes the key principles that beginning mediators should know, as well as how to apply them in a real world environment. This course, organized around a real world, two-party mediation, deconstructs the mediation process into predictable stages, with guidance and expertise from industry pioneers. It is for individuals who wish to work in commercial mediation, community mediation or mediate in the workplace. Our students learn how to proactively prevent disputes and to mediate more formal disputes, including those in litigation.

EMA offers this course as an entire program, or students can purchase and take one module at a time. Mediation Skills is designed to be taken online, on your schedule, at your own pace. If you take the entire course, we recommend that you spend a few days implementing what you have learned in one module before beginning the next module. Practice and reflection are encouraged through online exercises and worksheets. Assessments by EMA are included.

The course is usually completed in 40 hours.

$499 payable in full or in 3 monthly installments of $167 / month
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