Mediation Skills for an Indian Audience and segments

This course provides the same information as our regular Mediation Skills Course, but it has been augmented to better serve mediators who are located in India. The course emphasizes the key principles that beginning mediators should understand and how they apply in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) environment. It is designed for individuals who wish to work in the commercial mediation field or community mediation arena and seek to proactively prevent disputes or settle disputes before they become lawsuits. Our students are professionals in the legal field, government, hospitals, educational institutions and the business world.

This course is taught by established mediation leaders, several of whom are widely acknowledged pioneers of mediation in India. The course is designed to be taken online, on your schedule, and in your own space. We recommend that you take the Mediation Skills course in modules, focusing on completing one module at a time. Then, spend a few days implementing what you have learned before beginning the next module. Practice and reflection are encouraged through online exercises and worksheets (available with course materials). Assessments by EMA are included.

Estimated course completion: 40 hours

Student Discount:
  • To qualify for a student discount, you must be enrolled in an accredited public or private university or college that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of four years of full-time study (for undergraduate) or 2 years of full time study (graduate school).
  • Please email us at the link below with the name of your school and indicate whether you are a student, educator, or administrator.
  • We will send a discount coupon if eligible.
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 After completion you will receive a certificate from Edwards Mediation Academy and the Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP) for a 40 hour course.  Certificates for the standalone modules are also given.
Hear what former students of Bruce’s in India have to say:

“It was like the Mountain coming to Mohammed. Thank you Sir! …The entire program was carefully structured and every single minute was valuable” – Justice Anand Bryareddy, Former Judge, High Court of Karnataka

“In human interactions that are distracted and decisions that are hasty, Bruce taught to me the technique of active listening and a single mantra that is potent, “Decelerate!” In his lessons, you will learn how to seamlessly transfer the positive energy of settlement mood to parties who arrive stressed and leave refreshed.” – Justice K. Kannan (Retired), Chairman, Railway Claims Tribunal.

“With his vast experience as a mediator, his insights and reflections on the subject and his wonderful communication skills, Bruce Edwards is truly a master trainer. Sharing a training platform with him was a privilege.” – Sriram Panchu, Senior Advocate and Mediator, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

“Bruce’s training imparts the essence and spirit of mediation in a pure form. He encapsulates his several decades of experience, seamlessly and profoundly, into the 40 hours of training” – Laila T. Ollapally, Founder & Mediator, Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice

“Bruce brings to the teaching table years of mediation experience primarily in the USA — yet with his depth of knowledge and range of exposure, his insights into mediation generally and internationally, are both instructive and relevant for mediation in India. I am glad I attended his teaching sessions and would readily recommend his stellar work.” – Siddharth Raja

“The most valuable aspects of the course were the ‘Bruce Moments’ … Bruce’s language was thoroughly an eye-opener.” – Gitanjali Prabhu

Mediation Skills for Mediators in India

Course Sample

The course includes text, video and reflective exercises. Lessons are taught around an authentic role play. You move freely through the slides, at your own time.

Click to hear our Indian mediation experts Niranjan Bhatt and Sriram Panchu talk about the state of mediation in India now, and where it needs to go: