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We love to read your reviews and testimonials on our courses and Bruce Edwards trainings. We appreciate you taking the time to write about your experiences and are thrilled that you find the courses informative, knowledgeable and insightful!

Absolutely exceeded my objectives ... Having mediated cases hundreds of times in my career, I found the shadowing experience very accurate – it didn't feel staged. That is what a real mediation looks like. The expert videos were incredibly helpful in that the experts gave war stories, which helped tie things together ... I was already familiar with mediation in general, having mediated for over 20 years as counsel ... As I completed the “Try Its,” I found little gems of knowledge and information that quite frankly I had not thought of before…

Bruce is very knowledgeable is mediation and very good at delivering the course. He not only trains you in the theories and skills of mediation but also gives you life time examples from his practice which jogs your memory to relate the course to your life time experiences. The course he has designed is unique in that it focuses on mediator skills. The other courses I have undertaken in mediation and arbitration focus on teaching the theories on the subject and do not focus on the participants examining their personal skills or their appropriateness is undertaking the profession. This course taught me not only to look at the parties and dispute before me but primarily to focus on examining myself with the intent of ensuring that I am appropriately armed with the skills of mediation to help the parties.

Let me show you my deep respect and gratitude - your course is brilliant! It gave me absolutely new perspectives of the mediational process and new points of focusing my attention on. It is an honor to me to be an EMA member and I will use this opportunity with pleasure. Our country going through the horrors of fascism in 21 century which is surrealistic and hard to believe even though we are right here now.......... Thank you for your support and willingness to help.

The introduction to the neurobiology of emotions, cognition, and memory was fascinating and critical in allowing me to fully embrace the role of emotions in everyday life, never mind mediation. The intersections between emotions on the one hand, and apology, communication, and culture on the other, came through well. The foundation laid in this module fed seamlessly into the importance of using emotions to discern the interests and needs of the parties during negotiation.

Very happy to be a permanent member of the Edwards Mediation Academy family. This wasn't just a mediation course , it was a life  transformative journey I have decided to intentionally follow in my entire career. 

This is one of the best professional courses I have undertaken. It has broadened my appreciation of mediation and bettered my adjudicating skills.

I can't find appropriate words to express my gratitude for Edwards Mediation Academy and the entire team. It is an honor and privilege to be an Alumn of EMA. I benefited from your support whenever I needed it; I was integrated into the program and enjoyed learning the technical skills. More importantly, this program changed my way of living in the community and my interactions with different people. I am a good learner; Edwards Mediation Academy has been my bridge to Euclid University. I was recently accredited as a Rwandan Court Mediator. I have undertaken my doctoral studies in mediation and conflict resolution at Euclid University (a United Nations Treaty-Based University )

For myself, I highlighted the module on negotiations and emotions - absolutely all the teachers are at the highest level, provided new skills and revealed questions that interest me.

I found all the modules interesting and an eye opener. The module on emotions was particularly interesting to me for my personal and professional growth. In all my 35 years as a legal practitioner only now do I appreciate the role emotions play in dispute resolution. From a personal perspective the modules has opened my eyes in dealing with emotions and understanding their place in personal and family relationships.

Attending the Mediation course at Edwards Mediation Academy was life-changing in many ways. As a peace and conflict studies researcher and practitioner, I find myself in mediation rooms and negotiation tables quite often, and very little can prepare you for the nebulous ways of a dispute and the parties involved. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter series, you must know what a gift it is to have a Marauder's Map. The Edwards Mediation Academy gives you the space, encouragement, and wisdom to help yourself in navigating the very dynamic universe of mediation through its well-crafted training modules, and the incomparable wisdom of seasoned mediators. It can be tricky to take a course online - but the team at Edwards is way ahead in its game: the promptness and empathy in their feedback loops, and the guidance they offer make it one of the most beautiful courses to take.

It has been an excellent course! Very professionally created with the right amount of reading- listening which I usually find challenging in most online courses, being a kinesthetic learner. I gained so many valuable insights and I really enjoyed all the expert’s sharing of knowledge and experience! I have recommended this course to other people as well.

This course covers areas of mediation that are not evident when considering mediation as a career. It was very helpful to gain insight into my own judgments and truly reflect on what I have learned and need to work on to be a successful mediator. This course is a whole person approach, it helps you learn about yourself as a professional as well as on a personal level.

Having been to numerous mediation trainings in the past 7 years, I am not easily impressed; willing to learn, but sufficiently experienced to evaluate new approaches not skeptically but at least in the context of my own experience. As a trainer you stood out in at least two respects: first, the breadth of your knowledge which encompasses not only legal information but also a variety of types and depths of conflicts; second, your willingness to “watch and listen“—not impose your style or your technique or even your experience on us. You encouraged, challenged, and made suggestions—leaving us free to examine options and incorporate that which worked for us. Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from working with you. Thank you.

Bruce’s training imparts the essence and spirit of mediation in a pure form. He encapsulates his several decades of experience, seamlessly and profoundly, into the 40 hours of training.

This is more than a course you take. When you attend you become a part of the Edwards Mediation Academy family and are treated as family. Bruce’s personal consultation phone call is eye opening as he offers great suggestions to be successful as well as listens to what you have to say professionally and personally as well. I will stay in touch throughout my career and will continually learn and check back often. I offer you a heartfelt thank you.

With his vast experience as a mediator, his insights and reflections on the subject and his wonderful communication skills, Bruce Edwards is truly a master trainer. Sharing a training platform with him was a privilege.

The most valuable aspects of the course were the ‘Bruce Moments’ … Bruce’s language was thoroughly an eye-opener.

Bruce’s training is marked by the immense experience he has in the practice of Mediation. He breaks down complex theories into life examples, making them familiar and easy to understand. The learning happens at a deep level. My practice has been enriched immensely by attending two of his training programs. I hope to participate in more of his programs in the future.

He is a remarkable educator, mediator and communicator and we are deeply appreciative of his contribution to our work.

… the great bunch of folks I spent last week with in the Mediating the Complex Case course at Pepperdine. That’s Bruce Edwards on the left and from whom we all learnt so much – Bruce is the real deal in high stakes mediation........Nowhere else that I know of can you get the type of insight into the specialist world of mediating complex cases (and for ‘complex’ read multi 15+ lawyered up parties; with insurance coverage issues; $ in the millions; and a line of experts and lawyers stretching the entire length of The Strip).

Bruce brings to the teaching table years of mediation experience primarily in the USA — yet with his depth of knowledge and range of exposure, his insights into mediation generally and internationally, are both instructive and relevant for mediation in India. I am glad I attended his teaching sessions and would readily recommend his stellar work.

Bruce Edwards is an excellent trainer in mediation skills and procedures. As a participant of one of his training courses, I gained much from his vast experience and obvious passion for the subject, which he imparts brilliantly. I have shadowed him during mediation and found him to be an adept and skillful mediator as well, who balances empathy with a healthy dose of realism and shows a clear understanding of the essential issues that would bring the parties closer to settling the dispute. I would recommend his mediation training courses wholeheartedly, without reservation.

Thanks for a most worthwhile day yesterday at the University of Maryland Law School. I have attended many programs over the years on all sorts of topics about mediation and I must say the program yesterday was as engaging and packed with useful information and tips as any I have ever attended. Great job and thanks.


Bruce A. Edwards

Bruce is one of the pioneers in developing mediation to resolve commercial disputes in the United States. He has been a professional mediator since 1986 and has mediated over 8000 disputes. Bruce was a co-founder and former chairman of the board of directors of JAMS. In 2023 he joined Signature Resolution to continue his mediation practice while pursuing his passion for delivering high-quality mediation training through Edwards Mediation AcademyBruce has consistently received recognition for his work as a mediator, most recently being accepted into the inaugural edition of Who’s Who in ADR by ADR Times 2022; once again recognized as a Best Lawyer in the ADR category by Best Lawyers® 2022 and recognized as a Global Elite Thought Leader and Mediator in the US by Who’s Who Legal, 2023.