Sample Mediation Skills India Course

Sample Mediation Skills India Course

Kumar v. Kumar is a family business dispute involving high emotions and issues of business succession.

The Steaming Pot is an upscale restaurant in Bangalore. Opened in 1971, the two children of the deceased founder, Mr. Kumar are in a legal dispute over ownership and operation of the restaurant.

View a segment from the Mediator’s opening in Kumar v. Kumar and hear Bruce describe his thoughts as he prepares to give an opening statement. Then download the attached checklist on developing and giving an effective opening statement.

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“I have had the privilege of training with dozens of people and I am convinced that some people are truly gifted in this work… Bruce is one of those people… He is remarkably humble, yet shares a vast amount of knowledge in a way that is approachable and clear, with great examples of how it can apply in real life.” – Nina Meierding, Mediator and Mediation Trainer