Top Tier Professionals at Edwards Mediation Academy

Top Tier Professionals at Edwards Mediation Academy
Edwards Mediation Academy online courses are taught by acknowledged experts and pioneers in the commercial mediation field. Our students have the unique opportunity to learn from the world’s leading commercial mediators. There is no other way for aspiring mediators to gain the depth and breadth of knowledge provided by EMA courses. Our students come away with real world, practical understanding and techniques that will impact their work for the rest of their lives.

Meet some of our EMA expert mediation trainers:

Hon. Dan Weinstein

(Retired) is a former California Judge and a founder of JAMS, the World’s largest provider of mediation and arbitration services. He is recognized as one of the premier mediators of complex, multi-party, high-stake cases, both in the United States and abroad. In 2008 he started the Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship Program, which provides opportunities for qualified individuals from outside the United States to study dispute resolution processes and practices in the US.

Attorney Nina Meierding

has mediated over 4,000 disputes in her 30 years in the conflict resolution field. She has provided mediation skills training in negotiation, communication, mediation, and culture and gender issues. We invite you to watch this short videowhere Nina highlights some of the issues to consider in a mediation involving cross cultural and gender concerns. The video is included in our Advanced Mediation Course.

Attorney Sriram Panchu

is an acknowledged pioneer of mediation in India.  In law practice since 1976, he founded the Indian Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution and was instrumental in creating India’s first court-annexed mediation center, a model replicated by other Courts in the country.  He regularly speaks on issues regarding law, mediation, governance and public interest.

Attorney Dana Curtis

is a pioneer in the ADR field and is known for resolving disputes with challenging emotional dynamics.  She has been a teacher of mediation, negotiation and other conflict management programs throughout the U.S. and internationally for over 25 years.  She taught at Stanford Law School, Gould Negotiation and Mediation Program and currently teaches at the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation.  Dana has published number articles and books on mediation, most recently Appellate Mediation:  A Guidebook for Mediators and Attorneys. 

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Bruce A. Edwards is an ADR industry pioneer and recent chairman of the board of directors of JAMS, this country’s largest private provider of ADR services. Along with his wife, Susan Franson Edwards, Mr. Edwards recently cofounded Edwards Mediation Academy, an online education platform dedicated to improving the skills of mediators around the world.

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