Why Learn Mediation Skills Online

A question we are often asked when talking with prospective students about Edwards Mediation Academy courses is, “How can I possibly learn mediation skills online?”

We have received great feedback from our students who tell us that what they learned from EMA courses is directly applicable to their mediation work. We believe that’s because in developing our online courses, we take great care to ensure they provide the practical mediation skills our students need, wherever they are located in the world. EMA mediation courses are developed in partnership with top instructional designers, and they leverage the latest in adult learning research. They incorporate a self-paced format and exclusive shadow videos of a complete mediation.

EMA courses are designed for deeper learning and maximum retention of mediation skills. Moreover, they are structured for the convenience of each student; to be taken in the student’s own environment and on their own timetable.

Our courses enable you to:
  • Learn at your own speed – When concepts are presented over time, rather than in one sitting or daylong workshop, students can embed their knowledge in long-term memory instead of short-term awareness. Concepts “stick.”
  • Strengthen what you have already learned – Each time students return to a course, their brain retrieves and repeats what they have previously learned, which strengthens their learning connections as they move forward.
  • Reflect on the learning – EMA courses encourage self-reflection and provide time for learners to think about the content and apply it as they move through course modules.
  • Optimize learning through interleaving – When students have time to meaningfully absorb new concepts, their brains are concurrently making connections with other knowledge. This interleaving of multiple learning experiences leads to more lasting learning.

EMA’s goal is NOT to diminish the value of a live training format. In fact, if you review our events page or social media pages, you’ll see that Bruce Edwards spends considerable time conducting face-to-face trainings all over the globe. EMA online courses provide a unique alternative for students who don’t have the opportunity to travel or take time away from their office or family to attend a quality face-to-face training.