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India International Mediation Training with CAMP Arbitration & Mediation Practice

Price $600

Mediation Skills Course, Indian Audience

The India International Mediation Training Program with CAMP includes EMA’s renowned online course which emphasizes the key principles that beginning mediators must know and teaches how to apply them in a real-world environment. This course, organized around a real world, two-party mediation filmed in India, deconstructs the mediation process into predictable stages, with guidance and expertise from industry pioneers. In addition to the online work, the IIMT program includes live coaching, role play and query resolution.

This course is for individuals who wish to work in commercial mediation, community mediation or mediate in the workplace. Our students learn how to mediate formal disputes, including those in litigation as well as proactively prevent disputes.

Our next intake begins September 7th; registration is now open. 


For those who want to:

This course was created for those working in India.

The India International Mediation Training is perfect for individuals and attorneys who want to:

  • Pursue a career in mediation
  • Learn the skills of dispute resolution, and develop their mediation competency
  • Benefit from dispute resolution in the workplace‚Ķ as well as in their personal lives
  • Work in public service and learn how to ‚Äúreach across the aisle‚ÄĚ to bring together those who have opposing views
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the mediation process and how it works in India

How we teach:

  • Through the lens of experience, not from a textbook.
  • By focusing on the key principles of mediation and how they can guide you through even the most challenging moments in mediation.
  • Through opportunities to meet and discuss with the experts.¬†
  • Around a two-party commercial mediation, providing a virtual shadowing experience.
  • Through applying specific mediation techniques in role play sessions and simulations.
  • By deconstructing the mediation process into simple stages, to prepare you for both the expected and the spontaneous.

What you'll learn:

  • The key principles of mediation‚Ķ and how to apply them
  • A systematic and thorough analysis of conflict resolution
  • How to design the most appropriate mediation process to fit the needs of all parties
  • Strategies to build connections, even with the most difficult parties
  • The art of negotiation…with considerations for the many differences that exist among cultures and social bias
  • How to use communication techniques to your advantage¬†
…and much more

Mediation Skills for the Indian Audience - Instructors

Bruce Edwards
John Bates
Niranjan Bhatt
Dana Curtis
Gerald H√ľther
Michael Lewis
Hon. Harry Low
Janet Martinez
Nina Meierding
Sriram Panchu
Peter Robinson
Hon. Danny Weinstein
Mario Patero
Hon. Rebecca Westerfield
Vivien Williamson

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