Giving Back


Edwards Mediation Academy is dedicated to extending the highest quality mediation training available, particularly to those areas most in need.

We provide grants and trainings to individuals or organizations working to establish mediation services in their underserved communities. EMpower projects will be funded by proceeds from EMA. For more information about EMpower, contact us at (877) 927-1EMA.

EMpower Projects Funded by EMA


In January, 2018, Edwards Mediation Academy awarded its 4th annual EMpower grant to help implement a pilot project to bring commercial mediation to the Rwandan Civil Justice system. Together with support from African Peace Partners and the JAMS Weinstein International Foundation, the program brought together judges, lawyers and business leaders for a 5 day mediation training course taught by Bruce Edwards. According to Chief Justice Sam Rugege, “We have been trying mediation in the last five years, but litigants and lawyers have in many cases underutilized it probably because judges, lawyers and registrars did not have adequate skills in modern mediation”. Program participants will continue their skill development in the months ahead making use of our online Mediation Skills course. EMA is proud to be part of this collaborative effort to bring mediation to Rwandan Commercial Courts.


February of 2017, EMA provided follow-up training (began in 2013) to mediators and judges in Bangalore, India with our colleagues at the Centre for Advanced Mediation Center (CAMP).

United States

January 2017 EMA awarded its third annual EMpower grant to Convergence Center for Policy Resolution, a DC-based nonprofit focused on solving social challenges through collaboration.


In January of 2017, EMA provided mediation training In Kigali, Rwanda to the leaders of the Justice Sector, the Chief Justice of the Country, judges, lawyers and mediators. We were also able to visit the Ihumura Peace Association, to which we provided our first grant at the end of 2015, and hear the testimonials of those that have benefited from Ihumura’s groundbreaking work (

Mexico City

In May 2016, EMA provided training to judges, lawyers and practicing mediators in Mexico City, Mexico.


In December 2015, EMA awarded its first annual EMpower grant to the African Peace Partners, a US based non profit organization committed to supporting the Ihumure Peace Association in Rwanda.

EMA’s grant will help African Peace Partners develop a new peace center where the Ihumure volunteers, comprised of women & men, Christians & Muslims, Hutus & Tutsis, will provide community mediation services, workshops, and trauma recovery services for the local community.


In Fall 2015, EMA provided training to business owners, mediators, attorneys and judges in Istanbul, Turkey