The Disappearing Jury Trial and Other Insights for Mediators

Thirty years ago this past week, I walked away from my partnership in a San Francisco litigation firm to develop a market for a decidedly different approach to dispute resolution, a process called mediation. As I’ve recounted hundreds of times in the decades since, the genesis of my career shift was fueled by  dissatisfaction with […]

Post Pandemic Mediation: An Invitation to Climate Action

climate and mediation

One day last year, in the midst of the pandemic, those of us in the Bay Area experienced a day like no other. The sun never came up. More accurately, because of an extreme climate event in Northern California, the sun was obscured by the dark smoke of forest fires raging throughout the state. I […]

Virtual Mediation: An Enhanced Process or an Ephemeral Solution?

Virtual Mediation

I recently conducted a Webinar interview with Sriram Panchu, one of India’s leading mediators, on his experience using “virtual” mediation during the Covid-19 shutdown in his country. Mr. Panchu was quick to correct my terminology, suggesting that he refers to his current mediation practice as “enhanced mediation,” given the added value of technology. He said […]