A Case for Forgiveness in Mediation

Image of the word Forgiveness cut out of wood blocks

What is the Role of Forgiveness in Mediation? Forgiveness can be a powerful and transformative element in mediation and conflict resolution.  While forgiveness is not always the main goal in mediation, it can create a conducive environment for amicably resolving conflicts. The case for forgiveness in mediation stems not just from its potential to facilitate […]

How to Become a Mediator in California

Opportunities for mediators in California continue to expand. In a state of its size with a large and diverse population and a robust economy exposed to market-driven and social pressures, the number of disputes is bound to rise. And rising caseloads are straining judicial resources, causing backlogs of cases and delays for disputants in getting […]

Nina Meierding, Culture and Its Impact on Mediation


Attorney Nina Meierding has mediated over 4,000 disputes in her more than 30 years in the conflict resolution field. She has also conducted mediation training in 45 states and throughout the world, including: Canada, Sweden, Ireland, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and India. Nina is one of our valued Edwards Mediation Academy instructors. What […]