How to Become a Mediator in California

By Bruce A. Edwards Opportunities for mediators in California continue to expand. In a state of its size with a large and diverse population and a robust economy exposed to market-driven and social pressures, the number of disputes is bound to rise. And rising caseloads are straining judicial resources, causing backlogs of cases and delays […]

Court ADR Programs: Q&A

By Bruce A. Edwards We received some great questions from attendees during our recent webinar with Bruce and Howard Herman (JAMS mediator and expert on court ADR programs), many of which we did not have time to address live. So we thought we’d let both Bruce and Howard weigh in on your questions in writing […]

A Dent in the Universe

As we approach the August 7th 2019 United Nations Convention and signing ceremony promoting international settlement agreements resulting from mediation, it is timely that we pause to reflect on the many and significant strides that have been made around the world toward promoting the use of mediation to resolve conflict. As Steve Jobs famously said, […]

Developing Your Career in Mediation Course Has Launched

By Bruce A. Edwards Edwards Mediation Academy has recently launched a new online course, Developing Your Career in Mediation. This course is for everyone who is considering a career in dispute resolution, as well as individuals who are seeking to enhance their existing career. Like all Edwards Mediation Academy Courses, the Developing Your Career in […]

Bruce’s interview with

Bruce was interviewed by Clare Fowler of earlier this Spring.   She asked him a variety of questions ranging from the state of mediation today to mediation & arbitration in India. We’ve segmented the video by topic for your convenience. If you’re on the go, you can click audio to listen. Mediation, Where Are […]

Heroes and Capes

On March 18, 1997, 3 years after the Rwandan genocide officially ended, the Interahamwe militia from the Democratic Republic of Congo entered the Nyange Secondary School in western Rwanda as part of their murderous rampage and ordered the students to separate, Tutsi on the left and Hutu on the right. The students replied that there […]

Vivien Williamson – Mediating with Empathy

edwards mediation vivien williamson

Attorney Vivien Williamson has been a mediator since 1987. She has helped resolve thousands of disputes, from employment to civil rights; earth movement to personal injury. In her employment law practice, she has mediated hundreds of claims of sexual harassment; disability, gender and age discrimination, among others. Vivien is known for her ability to take […]

Mediation Certification: The Sparrow and the Peacock

Sparrow and Peacock

By Bruce A. Edwards Having taught mediation skills for over twenty-five years and, more recently, having developed an online mediation training curriculum, it’s only natural that I stand as a zealous proponent of mediation training. It follows then, that I am increasingly alarmed by the number of mediators entering the profession who have little or […]

Building a Golden Bridge and other lessons from Dr. William Ury

Yellow Flowers

The hills above Edinburgh, Scotland were bursting in the monochromatic splendor of bright yellow flowers, announcing the arrival of spring. In their shadow sat the Scottish Parliament building, where we were assembled for the spring conference of the International Academy of Mediators. Dr. William Ury, noted author, speaker, and mediator of international conflicts, gave the […]

Turning Ideas into Action; Thoughts from Edinburgh


“Support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict and inspire hope where there is despair” Nelson Mandela During a recent conference of the International Academy of Mediators in Edinburgh, Scotland, I was asked to lead a discussion aimed at inspiring some of the world’s most successful commercial mediators to redirect their […]