Developing Your Career in Mediation Course Has Launched

Edwards Mediation Academy has recently launched a new online course, Developing Your Career in Mediation. This course is for everyone who is considering a career in dispute resolution, as well as individuals who are seeking to enhance their existing career. Like all Edwards Mediation Academy Courses, the Developing Your Career in Mediation is taught by acknowledged experts and pioneers in the mediation field.

Developing Your Career in Mediation is geared toward an international audience of legal professionals, human relations managers, business and nonprofit professionals, community leaders, and ombuds. It encourages a “macro” perspective, challenging students to think broadly about the mediation field and their desired focus, whether commercial, community, corporate, government or public policy. At the same time, the course offers a “micro” perspective, providing specific, proven steps that will lead to successful career development or enhancement.

The course begins with an overview of the skills and personality characteristics necessary to become a successful mediator. It continues with a discussion of effective training and educational opportunities that will assist students in defining and differentiating their careers.

Developing Your Career in Mediation is designed to be interactive and draws on rich commentary by experts who have developed successful mediation careers. By listening to theirs and others’ stories, drawn from examples around the world, participants hear about common challenges and strategies for developing their career, while finding personal fulfillment.

After the course is complete, the workbook becomes a strategic action plan that students can use as they move forward. Developing Your Career in Mediation is designed for online learning, taken on students’ own schedule and in their own space. It typically takes eight to ten hours to complete.

The Developing Your Career in Mediation course is an addition to three Edwards Mediation Academy courses: Advanced Mediation, Mediation Skills, and Mediation Skills for the Indian Audience.

“You have created a wonderful course. The insights are easy to remember, the expert commentary is insightful and by watching, one can only benefit from the wealth of experience.” – Pirita Virtanen, mediator.

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