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Edwards Mediation Academy (EMA) courses are taught by acknowledged experts and pioneers in the mediation field. Our instructors have mediated some of the most interesting and complex cases imaginable. Through video demonstrations and interactive learning, we’ll show you how to hone your skills as a mediator and apply those skills in your personal and professional lives.


Mediation Training

Our courses blend the best in mediation theory and practical knowledge through an interactive, self-paced learning experience. They incorporate presentations and commentary from leading experts in the mediation field, as well as virtual mediation shadowing, where students observe a complex mediation, from start to finish.

Meet Bruce Edwards

EMA founder, Bruce Edwards, was an early pioneer in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Combining his background in psychology and law, Bruce developed a process that focuses on the needs of the parties in dispute, while encouraging their participation in all aspects of the dispute resolution process. He co-founded EMA, along with his wife, Susan Franson Edwards, with the goal of raising the overall practical experience of people in the mediation industry. Learn More

In Bruce, I found a rare combination – both the highest level of expertise in mediation AND the ability to convey that expertise to those wanting to build their own capacity as mediators or advocates. Because of this dual fluency in dispute resolution and pedagogy, I frankly have more faith in Bruce Edwards than in any other mediation instructor that I have come across. Bruce also has the courage to tell the real truth about dispute resolution capacity – to acknowledge that this is a process that involves the whole self – mind, heart, body and spirit. Bruce brings his whole, highly capable self to his work and his teaching, making any time spent with him a “can’t miss” opportunity.

-Emily Gould. Lecturer, Associate Research Scholar, Columbia Law School.  


Edwards Mediation Academy courses are taught by acknowledged experts and pioneers in the mediation field. Our students gain real world, practical knowledge from the world’s leading commercial mediators, as well as professionals in the disciplines of neurobiology, communication, psychotherapy and insurance. Learn More


EMA brings a global perspective to teaching online dispute resolution skills. Bruce Edwards has personally taught mediation to hundreds of attorneys, judges, business leaders and aspiring mediators throughout Europe, Africa, India and Asia, in addition to his teaching in the U.S.

Founded on the principle that much of what we have learned these past 30 years transcends differences in language and culture, EMA instruction is uniquely designed to offer lessons to a global audience. Yet, by drawing on regional experts and the real-life experience of local mediators, it’s hoped that these lessons can be tailored to the unique needs of the community.

In a world rife with conflict, it is essential that the next generation of mediators stand on the shoulders, and the lessons, of those who have come before. The EMA online learning experience provides the opportunity for learning without borders.
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