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Regardless of your career aspirations or skill level, we have a mediation course that is right for you. Whether you are an aspiring mediator looking for a comprehensive mediation skills course, a dispute resolution professional looking to advance your practice, or wish to improve your skills as a mediation advocate, our expertise will help you achieve your goals.
Mediation Skills Course

Mediation Skills Course

Hours: 40

Designed for:

Beginning mediators, HR professionals, business managers, and others involved in conflict management
Advanced Mediation Course

Advanced Mediation

Hours: 45

Designed for:

Experienced practitioners & those moving into commercial practice

Mediation Advocacy

Hours: 30

Designed for:

Attorneys looking to build mediation expertise & develop winning strategies for their clients

Ethics in Mediation

Hours: 3.5

Designed for:

Learn how to identify ethical issues that frequently occur in mediation and how to prevent them from hijacking the mediation process.

Courses in Other Languages

Hours: 30

Designed for:

Those who are interested in our online mediation courses whose primary language is one other than English. Courses available through our local affiliates.
Developing Your Career in Mediation Course

Developing Your Career

Hours: 8

Designed for:

Those looking to kick-start a new career, expand existing practice or develop a step-by-step business plan
Mediation Skills Course, Indian Audience

India Int'l Mediation Training

Hours: 40+

Designed for:

Beginning mediators, Lawyers , HR professionals, business managers & others involved in conflict management in India.

Interactive Online Mediation Training by Global Experts in Mediation


All of our instructors are expert mediators with thousands of hours of practical experience mediating disputes. When it comes to mediation training, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience.


Our courses consist of rich, detailed content… including production quality videos that deconstruct the mediation process step-by-step. The skills of mediation are embedded through personal analysis and reflection.


The world’s top instructional designers engage you by optimizing your interactive experience and help you “OWN” the knowledge.


Our courses are designed to fit your lifestyle, your location and your schedule. You design your training experience to meet your goals.


Membership in Edwards Mediation Academy through any course purchase has continuing benefits, including: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits, lifetime access to monthly members-only webinars, library of recorded webinars and interviews, discounts on future courses & quarterly updates on industry happenings from Bruce Edwards.

Learn From the Worlds Best

We offer the world’s highest quality online mediation training from the industry’s most respected experts.

Bruce Edwards

Bruce Edwards

Peter Robinson Mediation Trainer

Peter Robinson

Honorable Daniel Weinstein Mediation Instructor

Danny Weinstein

Nina Meierding Mediation Instructor

Nina Meierding

Eric Green Mediation Instructor

Eric Green

Learn From the Worlds Best

We offer the world’s highest quality online mediation training from the industry’s most respected experts.


Absolutely exceeded my objectives ... Having mediated cases hundreds of times in my career, I found the shadowing experience very accurate – it didn't feel staged. That is what a real mediation looks like. The expert videos were incredibly helpful in that the experts gave war stories, which helped tie things together ... I was already familiar with mediation in general, having mediated for over 20 years as counsel ... As I completed the “Try Its,” I found little gems of knowledge and information that quite frankly I had not thought of before…