The Value Proposition of Mediation – Understanding the Cost of Conflict

Understanding the Cost of Conflict is key to appreciating the Value of Mediation

By Bruce A. Edwards What is The Cost of Conflict? Conflict is a naturally occurring part of the human condition. When managed properly, conflict can lead to personal growth and development by forcing us to navigate different perspectives, think more creatively, and broaden our collective vision. Yet, there is a cost of conflict; therefore, many […]

How to Become a Mediator in California

By Bruce A. Edwards Opportunities for mediators in California continue to expand. In a state of its size with a large and diverse population and a robust economy exposed to market-driven and social pressures, the number of disputes is bound to rise. And rising caseloads are straining judicial resources, causing backlogs of cases and delays […]

What to Look for in Online Mediation Training

Image of a lawyer looking out the window and pondering his career

By Bruce A. Edwards Since the Covid-19 shutdown and the increase in remote working, there has been an increase in online mediation training courses. While this reinforces the positive trend toward mediation, it also heralds the need for greater scrutiny and discernment between course offerings. Before you jump at the first course you see, look […]

What is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?

An image of an ADR professional with hands of 2 parties

By Bruce A. Edwards Arbitration and mediation share a common lineage as alternatives to the traditional legal system of court and jury trials.  Known as different forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), they are both intended to offer less expensive, more efficient outside-of-courtroom approaches to resolving disputes than afforded by more formal litigation.  Yet there, […]

Average Settlement Offers in Mediation

By Bruce A. Edwards I was asked by a journalist recently about the average settlement offers in mediation.  And while his search for understanding is laudable, the question itself is misguided. What’s wrong with asking about average settlement offers in mediation? Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, is best defined as a facilitated negotiation.  […]

The Disappearing Jury Trial and Other Insights for Mediators

By Bruce A. Edwards Thirty years ago this past week, I walked away from my partnership in a San Francisco litigation firm to develop a market for a decidedly different approach to dispute resolution, a process called mediation. As I’ve recounted hundreds of times in the decades since, the genesis of my career shift was […]

Rethinking Essential Mediation Skills

Image of a key with the message that essential mediation skills need to begin with self reflection

By Bruce A. Edwards The key to developing true mediation competency begins with “me” In addition to the quintessential mediation skills training, what do mediators need to improve their mediation competency? While mediation skills training remains vital to the practice of mediation, the key to developing mediation competency begins with self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-management. Before […]

A Dent in the Universe

As we approach the August 7th 2019 United Nations Convention and signing ceremony promoting international settlement agreements resulting from mediation, it is timely that we pause to reflect on the many and significant strides that have been made around the world toward promoting the use of mediation to resolve conflict. As Steve Jobs famously said, […]

Bruce’s interview with

Bruce was interviewed by Clare Fowler of earlier this Spring.   She asked him a variety of questions ranging from the state of mediation today to mediation & arbitration in India. We’ve segmented the video by topic for your convenience. If you’re on the go, you can click audio to listen. Mediation, Where Are […]

Heroes and Capes

On March 18, 1997, 3 years after the Rwandan genocide officially ended, the Interahamwe militia from the Democratic Republic of Congo entered the Nyange Secondary School in western Rwanda as part of their murderous rampage and ordered the students to separate, Tutsi on the left and Hutu on the right. The students replied that there […]