Why EMA?

Our Mission

To train outstanding mediators and dispute resolution professionals by providing authentic, experiential learning from the most accomplished and respected leaders in mediation. We do this by:

  • Capturing the stories, lessons and real-world experience of the leading mediators and dispute resolution professionals responsible for creating and shaping mediation in the United States.
  • Developing interactive, online courses that are engaging, thought-provoking and provide real-world experience as though sitting at the mediation table.

What Makes EMA The Best Choice For You?

We have the mediation experts. Over the last 35 years, Bruce Edwards has mediated over 8,000 disputes throughout the United States and the world.  Joining Bruce is a deep roster of the most respected and sought-after dispute resolution professionals in the field; none of our instructors have less than 30 years of full-time mediation experience and they are known as the pioneers of commercial mediation. 

We offer interactive learning. Our courses are NOT pre-recorded videos of ‘talking heads’. We deliver an interactive experience that requires critical thinking and self-reflection for long-term skill development.

We have the flexibility to provide training around your busy life. Our courses are developed to be taken on your schedule and in your own space.

Designed with some of the top instructional designers in the US, EMA’s online courses capitalize on the latest in adult learning research. Its self-paced format and exclusive shadow video of a complete mediation benefits the learner in multiple ways:

  • Spaced practice –Learners embed their knowledge in long-term memory instead of short-term awareness when concepts are presented over time rather than in one sitting.
  • Spaced retrieval –Each time learners return to the course, their brain must retrieve what they have previously learned, strengthening the learning connections. 
  • Self-reflection-The course encourages self-reflection, an under-used form of teaching, and provides the time for learners to think about the content and how to apply it.
  • Interleaved practice– When learners have time to absorb new concepts, their brain also acquires other knowledge and makes new connections. Interleaving multiple learning experiences leads to more durable learning.

In summary, by learning at your own pace, observing the nuanced lessons in action, and bringing in your own experience, you retain more than simply listening to others talk for 40 hours over five days.  

When you are ready to become a world-class mediator or mediation advocate, we have a catalog of courses and resources to take you there. From starting your career in dispute resolution to sharpening your mediation skills and raising your game to the next level, we have the right course for you.

“The mediation process is an extraordinarily powerful tool built on the proposition that if people are afforded the opportunity to truly listen to each other, understand one another’s needs, and participate in making decisions affecting their futures, conflicts can be de-escalated and resolved entirely.”

-Bruce Edwards, Mediation Expert and co-founder, EMA


Bruce A. Edwards

Bruce is one of the pioneers in developing mediation to resolve commercial disputes in the United States. He has been a professional mediator since 1986 and has mediated over 8000 disputes. Bruce was a co-founder and former chairman of the board of directors of JAMS. In 2023 he joined Signature Resolution to continue his mediation practice while pursuing his passion for delivering high-quality mediation training through Edwards Mediation AcademyBruce has consistently received recognition for his work as a mediator, most recently being accepted into the inaugural edition of Who’s Who in ADR by ADR Times 2022; once again recognized as a Best Lawyer in the ADR category by Best Lawyers® 2022 and recognized as a Global Elite Thought Leader and Mediator in the US by Who’s Who Legal, 2023.