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Master the Art of Mediation Advocacy and Transform Your Legal Career

Master the Art of Mediation Advocacy and Transform Your Legal Career

Discover how to become a skilled mediation lawyer for your clients with our comprehensive Mediation Advocacy Course. Stay ahead of the curve in the fast-growing field of alternative dispute resolution.

What You'll Learn in the Mediation Advocacy Course

The essentials of mediation advocacy and strategies for effective negotiation.

How to prepare your clients for effective participation in mediation.
Techniques for guiding your clients through the mediation process with confidence and success.
Why Choose Our Mediation Advocacy Course?

Expert instruction

Learn from industry leaders with decades of experience in mediation and mediation advocacy.


Flexible online learning

Complete the course at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

blue-Shadow Real World

Shadow a Mediation

Follow a mediation throughout our course to strengthen your in-practice mediation advocacy skills


Invest in your career

Enhance your legal practice, increase your value to clients, and expand your professional network while gaining valuable CLE credits.

“I've seen a significant improvement in my mediation skills”
"...and my ability to effectively advocate for my clients since taking this course. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide valuable insights from their own experiences."
— Samantha, Attorney
“The Mediation Advocacy Course has helped me better serve my clients...”
"... and grow my practice. The online format was convenient, allowing me to balance my workload while completing the course.”
—David, Mediator and Attorney
“The mediation advocacy course was terrific”
“...It truly has helped me to become a better mediation advocate.   I have used what I learned in several Southern and Northern California mediations.”
— Michael, Lawyer , CA
“My enthusiasm and confidence increased with each module”
“I learned so much about the process that I did not understand, despite having participated in hundreds of mediations during my career as a litigator.”
—Lawyer, US
“The assessments were a big surprise!”
“They made me think and reflect which helped me integrate the learning rather than checking pure knowledge. It was more about checking my understanding of the concepts and bringing me in a mediation situation. Sometimes I had to go back to the course to refresh some elements in order to be able to complete them!”
—Lawyer and Mediation Advocate
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 30 hour course, designed to be taken on your time, at your own pace. To enhance retention, we recommend taking one module at a time, applying the learning to your daily legal practice, and dedicating a few hours per week. On average, students finish the course in 4-6 weeks.

The Effective Mediation Advocacy Course is priced at $1,997. For more information on pricing and payment options, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Most of our students are full-time professionals. The course is designed to be spread over a few weeks, allowing the knowledge to embed in long-term memory, which enhances retention. This approach ensures that the concepts “stick” and that you can apply them to your daily legal practice.
Mediation skills are for those who want to work as mediators, helping others resolve disputes in various contexts, including commercial, community, and workplace mediation. Mediation advocacy skills, on the other hand, are for lawyers who want to continue representing clients but also want to help them through the mediation process. These skills do not replace litigation skills but rather supplement and expand advocates’ abilities to assist their clients.

The course was designed by professionals who specialize in adult learning research. Our instructors consist of the most experienced mediators and pioneers in the field. The course is taught around a 5-party, commercial mediation, enabling students to shadow (virtually) with Bruce Edwards, who leads parties from the first conversation through to settlement. This approach allows you to witness the mediation advocates in action and observe their real-time impact on the process and their client’s case.

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